Sunday, November 19, 2006

When is a Migraine not a Migraine

It is very common for patients to come into the clinic complaining of a "Migraine". People use the word Migraine to mean any form of headache.

Now, when Doctors use the word Migraine, we mean a specific form of headache. In fact, the word Migraine was derive from the Greek and it means "pain involving one side of the head.

When is a migraine a real Migraine?

These are some characteristics of a real Migraine headache:
  • One sided
  • Throbbing in nature
  • Usually very severe
  • Usually lasts several hours but can be up to several days
  • May be preceded by altered vision (Like flashes of light)
  • May be followed by nausea and vomiting
  • Tends to run in families
Few quick points on Migraine Headaches
  • They are sometimes triggered by certain foods, stress, weather changes etc
  • There are now very good (but expensive) drugs available which can stop the migraine quickly (You need a prescription)
  • When you are suffering an attack, shutting yourself in a dark room with soft music helps.

Now you know!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dr Tay, not sure if it's appropriate for me to just ask u this qns here. I'm a migraine sufferer and it has been 10 over years. I'm only 25 this year. I've been taking cafergot. Any side effects in taking this in the long run?

I'm also a believer and I'm praying for Healing :)

thanks. :)

God bless you and your family. Your food blog and clinic blog are informative! :)

Rgds, hm

Dr Leslie said...

The main thing is to make sure you get the diagnosis right and that it is really migraine. Have you seen a specialist and done any investigations?

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr Tay, Yeap was admitted to ttsh a&e few years back and they referred me to see a specialist at ttsh neuro dept. Had a few months of follow up and discharged me as migraine. I've been introduced to cafergot since then. But I'm not really comfortable in taking this med for long term. I try my best not to take it unless really necessary. But I've to work n if I have it during work, I will take the med. Migraine can be quite disruptive :(

Thanks for replying! :))