Thursday, November 16, 2006

Top Ten things that make the perfect Doctor

This is what I think. Let me know what YOU think!

Top 10 things that make the perfect Doctor

1. Middle aged with a bit of white hair but not too old that hands shake when giving injections.
2. Supernice and always willing to give MC without asking
3. Become a woman to look after my wife and become a man to look after me
4. Always available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
5. Always very fast with other patients, but takes his time with me.
6. Knows about the latest news that appeared on the newspaper 5 minutes ago.
7. Medicine so good, take one time only always get well
8. Give injection no pain one!
9. Got lobang to go find some nice makan places (I qualify!)
10.Free service, no need to pay!


Anonymous said...

Hey Dr Les, ur pic for this blog is not publish...

Dr Leslie said...

Thanks for the warning!

Too bad, was Nick Riveira was funny!

Anonymous said...

Evening Dr, i have a question for you i will now present the symptomns. ok the thing is it doesnt happen always only sometimes, about three times i woke up in the morning and i felt damn giddy, i open my eyes the whole room is spinning i had to hold on to the bed, then i feel damn nauseous when i close my eyes so i jsut had to sleep it off, and sometimes at night my limbs will feel weak and tremble and sometimes i feel like puking also.

from this statement, what is the most likely cause for a 19 year old girl?