Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I am Breast Feeding, Is this Medication Safe?

"Doctor, I am breastfeeding, so is this Medication Safe for the baby?"

This is one of the commonest question that I get from Breast Feeding Moms. So what I want to do is to give you some pointers:

Some pointers on Medications while Breastfeeding

1. Some of the drugs will invariably be found in the Breast Milk, so you have to be careful especially when the baby is very young and especially if he is preterm.

2. You should try to feed the infant just before taking your next dose or as late as possible after you have taken your medication.

3. If you smoke, you should know that nicotine increases the risk of respiratory distress in your child.

4. Always think, how this drug will affect you will also affect the child. So things that can make you drowsy, like sleeping pills, anxiety pills, even some antihistamines (for runny nose) can make your child drowsy and may have adverse effects.

5. Please don't assume that all medications are unsafe and so avoid taking medications altogether. You may be putting yourself at risk!! If you are unwell, seek medical advise!!

The list of medications is very long, so I am providing a link to a very good website that you can visit which lists all the medications and gives a rating as to whether it is safe.

Please click here and bookmark it!

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Anonymous said...

Aiya.. information too late!

Me "scared" of medicine during BF-ing. Even when Doc said is ok, me still din take it.

Will pass on information to friends who are still BF-ing.