Thursday, November 09, 2006

Why Karri?

Probably the second most frequently asked question after "How long before I get better?" is the question, "Why is your clinic called Karri?

The short answer is that it was named after the tallest species of Eucalyptus Tree found in Western Australia. The Eucalyptus as you may already know is used in many herbal remedies and most often as a Balm for soothing aches and pain. Ha, very romantic idea right?

The real story is that we went through a series of names like Health First Clinic, Healthy Family Clinic, Pinnacle Clinic and so on but I was dead set on NOT having another Clinic with so predictable a name. (As you may have already know, I am a bit of a rebel - a tame rebel, but no less a rebel).

So since my partner Suren had already started a company known as Karri Pte Ltd, I told him that Karri Family Clinic has a nice ring to it, and the Karri Tree is a symbol of Integrity, Strength and Dependability but at the same time Gentle and Soothing.

In retrospect, I wouldn't have called ourselves Karri Family Clinic. It would worked well in Australia, but in Singapore, people don't pronounce Karri, Kair Ree, they pronounce it Kar Ree and think that the leaves we used on our logo are Curry Leaves! Oh well, too late now! But at least you know!

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Anonymous said...

Wow... i'm really impressed by your effort to put this blog up. Even more impressed that you unreservely try to diagnose ailments thru emailed photos (refering to the hairloss one).
No many doctors would be bother to do it.

This is what i call "Service from the Heart."

I gonna bookmark your site and tell mes friends ab it.

: )
PS... I see curry leaves and 2 chilies on your logo.