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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tour De Clinic

I'll take you on a quick tour around the Clinic (which we designed ourselves). Oh, if you are wondering about the nifty gadget little Jasmine is looking at, its called a Gravitron and I will tell you all about it a little later.

We have tried to steer clear of the traditional HDB clinic look (although we are a HDB clinic) by having warm colours in the waiting room. I personally feel that patients should not have to wait too long to see the doctor. But at times, it just can't be helped. So the best alternative is to provide a comfortable waiting area for the patient.

See, I personally handpicked these chairs from Celine designs so that our friends can sit comfortably while watching TV. And by the way, we don't show ads on the LCD screen. You would be bored to death. No, you get to watch whatever is on the Air. We had a great time during American Idol!

This is our treatment room. You can see the autoclav and the ECG machine in the corner. The treatment room is a second room we use for patients needing the nebuliser or other treatments. It is also used to monitor patients, like when your child has a high fever. We will put the family in the room and teach them how to sponge the child to get the temperature down.

Don't like kids to be bored. So they get to play with my pinball machine while they get their ventolin neb.

Worse thing about an elbow dressing is that it comes off too easily! So we invest in the extra netting to make sure the dressing stays put.

I like all these modern dressing materials like this Alginate Hydrocolloid Dressing which is excellent for ulcers and clean superficial wounds. The gel like dressing sticks well, is moldable and you can bath with it on. Of course these special dressings are a little more expensive. So patients are always given a choice if they want to use them or not.

We also stock Plaster of Paris in case of emergencies. The Plaster of Paris is used to make a backslab in case of a suspected fracture.

This is the way to wrap a finger! Neat and nice.

OK, let's move to the Dispensary. We keep both generic medications as well as all the branded stuff here. Patients are always given a choice as to whether they want the generic product or the original product. The general principle is to keep costs as low as possible, so I usually prescribe the generic medications unless I feel that the condition requires something better.

Everybody is scared of injections! We try our best to make injections as painless as possible for the children by applying a local anaesthetic cream and also to distract them with gadgets like the Gravitron. (I promise I will tell you about it)

At last we come to my favourite room. My room of course. This is where I do all my consultation work as well as my Blogging work. We have designed the room so that it is spacious enough to accomodate the whole family including the grandparents. I love it when everyone is inside the room. I make sure that Ah Gong and Ah Ma have a nice sofa to sit while waiting for the grandkids to be treated.

Here are some of my gadgets that are worth mentioning. The Pulse Oximeter is a device that measures the Oxygen saturation of the patients blood. In short, it gives me an extra piece of information pertaining to the severity of the patient's respiratory condition. It is especially useful in conditions like Asthma and Bronchiolitis where a low saturation score may mean an immediate evacuation to KK hospital. On the other hand, a 100 percent saturation score is very comforting for parents whose child is coughing incessantly.

Another gadget I have in my room is this one which helps me decide on whether to use antibiotics for a certain condition. The beautiful thing is that it only requires one drop of blood and within 5 minutes, the results are known. It does not replace the full blood count, but it does provide extra information for the parents and I to make a clinical decision.

Now we come to the fun part. Kids nowadays are very smart. You can't entertain them just by giving them an old stuff toy and a sweet anymore. No you have to show them something that they have never seen before. These Disney Cubees are only available from Disneyland and most children won't have seen them. At the press of a button, they sing a tune and the face clicks. Stack them together and they sing in parts!

At last we come to the Gravitron! This one never fails to mesmerize the kids and most of the time, the Dads as well. How does it work? Well, you spin it like a top and the magnets in the spinning top and the base repel each other, keeping the top spinning in midair. It can go for several minutes if done properly! Like Magic! This one I usually keep for the most difficult kids!

Well, that is the end of the clinic tour! Do leave a comment and tell us what you think!


Anonymous said...

very nice clinic, it is like my kids playground.

za said...

n.... some patient says, it's cosy, warm and friendly too! hey, i'm not bragging, but it's true! I wish, it's as big as the kiddies playground then i'm more free to play with them.
heeee.... i'm not joking.

Joyce ^^ said...

Your clinic sure look nice but a bit far from my house. When are you going to open a branch near town? XD

ieat & itreat said...

Usually our patients from far away come when they need special attention. Kinda like when you want to eat something really shiok you don't mind travelling, but when you want to just fill your tummy, you just eat at the coffeeshop downstairs! :)

Anonymous said...

I am most impressed with the devices you have, esp the one that you used to help you understand whether antibiotics are needed.
Any chance you are thinking of having a centrally located clinic?

ieat & itreat said...

God willing, one day we might!

piCkLes said...

Very nice and impressive. Cosy too :-)
I at Pasir Ris, a bit out of the way for us to go there cos there is no direct bus there.

Jess said...

Seriously, I am surprised that a neighbourhood clinic doctor has done such detailed planning....(sorry to be crude but yes was little skeptical about GP in HDB) until I toured round yours.

As a doctor, you have gone the extra mile to not only ensure the patients are treated promptly and effectively, but also to relieve the anxiety and discomfort.

Tell you a -secret-, your concept is very similar to my kids' paediatrician clinic at Mt E but I believe your charges are much more affordable to most people.
Really impressed!

Should I move from Hillcrest to the East, I know where to find a professional with a big heart!

The world is a nicer place with people like you! praise the Lord!! have a good week ahead!

Anonymous said...

Wow.!!..I am totally impressed that you had even had those extra details that one would not normally find in a GP clinic. I especially appreciated the sofa for grandparents and the neat toys for distraction during the administration of ventolin.

Let me know if you ever has a clinic in the west, east is too far for me to travel!!!

Cat said...

You rocks, new age doctor. U take care of ppl's well-being, comfort, playfulness...everything. Your innovative ideas and blog are great and noble.

a. said...

Am impressed! You have been wonderfully made. May the Lord's work be accomplished thru you, doc.

snory_jas said...

wow...i was surfing on ur foodblog and decided to pop over... i like the way ur clinic looks and how u make it friendlier for kids..

n the best part is... it is only 5 min walk away from my place.. muahaha..

prolly will go the next time i fall sick.. hehehe

lynn said...

i promise to be a tough kid when i get the chance to visit you so you'll have to show me the graviton!

ieat & itreat said...

Oh you don't have to be a tough kid, I promise to show you the gravitron anyway!

Stan said...

I'm impressed...

Bilingh said...

extremely impressed.....


Anonymous said...

Hey Doc,
I think you are awesome, just like me...you are a christian, food lover & loves to blog!

Anonymous said...


But..... i would go there seems o nice until I notice That it was in Singapore I AM IN CANADA XD

MorMor said...

I came across your food blog while searching for a good prata place to take my girl friend to.

It's been four hours since i've been reading both of your blogs and it's now 1 40 am (and i have to work tomorrow!).

Needless to say, i find your blogs very useful and engaging. Your sites are now top on my Favourites list!


Irene said...

I just discovered your food blog, and then got side-tracked here. Both your sites are really cool - *applause*! Making me salivate with food is easy ... making me feel like seeing a doctor - now, that's a big achievement. Great stuff, keep it up. :)

lun said...

ooo... where did u get the gravitron
? anyway. it is certainly very interesting site u have here. :) thumbs up

ieat said...

I bought the Gravitron from Bloomsdale at Anchorpoint. I think they might still be there. Lots of interesting gadgets and toys

Rachel said...

Hi Dr Tay! I stumbled on your ieat website. Like you I have returned to Singapore to spend some time with my family despite graduating and practising in NSW. Am struggling to re-adjust currently but hopefully it will get better with time. Your practice looks really nice and warm and well thought out. Although I now work for RMG (some scary similarities huh?) so will have to see their docs for benefits, will probably send my hubby your way if he gets sick since we live in the area.

ieat said...

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for your comment. Sure, I look forward to meeting with you and hubby!

Harish said...

The blog is very informative and always updated, so much of nice information , i specially like the concept of creating awareness through such blogs, lesley is not just a doctor rather a friend who can help with smile.

-Hareesh Nuthi

ieat said...

Thanks for your comment Harish!

malcolm said...

Hi Dr Tay, was going through your site when I realised that the links under the "about Our Clinic" sections are not working. you might want to check on it =)

Note: the URLs are pointing to your blogspot address instead of your domain name.

mum2be said...

Hey, I used to bring my baby to Raffles Clinic, after 'touring' your clinic, it makes change my mind and I am sure to bring my baby there the next visit. By the way, have you thought of opening the clinic 24 hours?