Friday, November 10, 2006

Top Ten fears of a patient

Putting myself in the patient's shoes.... Remember, I sometimes change roles and become a patient as well!

Top ten fears of a patient

1. I hope it is not a nasty doctor behind that wooden door. (New patients)
2. Is he going to give me MC today?
3. Am I going to die?
4. Is the medicine going to be yuckky
5. Will my hair grow back?
6. Will there be a scar? (After having 10 stitches to the forehead)
7. Is the injection going to hurt? (I don't know of one that doesn't)
8. Is he going to have to look at my private part?
9. Is he going to be unhappy because I went to see another Doctor?
10.So many medications, sure going to cost a lot of money

Please do add your own fears in the comments section below


Anonymous said...

Number one fear I had:
"Cannot eat so many kinds of food anymore?!"

;) rexic

min~* said...

is he gonna find the right vein to poke on the first try?

Dr Leslie said...

Thanks for the comments! When I collect 10, I will publish it!

Belle Charlene said...

" What if they don't have the liquid form of the medication I need?! I don't know how to swallow! =( "

lol said...


Anonymous said...

pls dont send me to the hospital for a minor dislocation!!! Its a unbearable 3hr wait!

Anonymous said...

Is he a breastfeeding friendly doctor? Will he tell me to pump out my milk and throw? I have meet one of these doctor before and my 3 month old cried for almost 4 hours before I realise we can call the hospital.

Anonymous said...

will he nag and lecture?
or is he going to just 一个意思 see see and ask me go out collect medicine?