Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Map to the Clinic

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We are located in the Tampines Central Community Complex. This Complex is one of a kind in Singapore and was officially opened by PM Lee in October 2005. It is unique because one half of it houses the Tampines Central Community Club. The other half houses NTUC, a Food Court, Cafe Arcadia, Elfa Child Care Centre and numerous other enrichment centre for kids. Aside from our Family Clinic, there is also a Dentist just beside us.

There is ample basement parking which is great especially when it rains!

Karri Family Clinic
Tampines Central Community Complex
866A Tampines Street 83
Singapore 521866
Tel: 67850311


Anonymous said...

If I weren't staying so far ( TPY ), I'd surely go to your clinic if needs be. Your blog is so interesting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr Tay,

Went to your clinic yesterday and was given the Sunolut 5mg to stop my menses for 10 days as i will be going travelling througout these period.

However, i wanted to check if there's any side effect on this pills etc.. so far i have taken two pills last night and this morning and dont have any side effect..

Please advise. thanks.

Dr Leslie said...

Most ladies do not report any side effects from the pills. They are really just hormone pills designed to mimick your own body's hormonal cycle during the period when there is no menses.

Jessie said...

Hi Dr Tay,

Is it still possible to get pregnant if im on a 21-day course of Sunolut? Am worried if these pills wil affect the baby if we do get lucky....

Thank you,

Dr Leslie said...

They are not contraceptive pills, so yes there is a possibility. If you suspect that you are pregnant, stop immediately.

marine 26 said...

Hi Dr Tay,

Is it advisable for my kid aged 7years old to go for a flu vaccine as I intend to bring him for travel? Are there other options?

Dr Leslie said...

Yes it is good to vaccinate against the flu with the H1N1 flu epidemic now affecting so many countries.

Even though the flu vaccine does not protect against the current strain of H1N1 flu, it does protect you against the seasonal flu.

If you happen to get seasonal flu while on holidays, you are still going to be stopped at the airport and tested for H1N1 which is very inconvenient.

Anonymous said...

i was prescribed Sunolut on the supposed first day of my menses, but it did not stop the flow. My blood still flows, although not as much as the usual. Today is my second day of taking these pills and my blood is still flowing. Why is this so> and what can i do> Please advise because i'm travelling tmr afternoon. thanks

Dr Leslie said...

You are supposed to take it 3 days before the start of your menses.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr.Tay
i have given sunolut to stop my menses bcoz i have my menses for 8 days. At first doctor ask me take 2 pills. But after done all the checkup doctor said it is ok to take a pill a day. But after taken for abt 1 wk i start get spoting for 3 days n after tt got my menses. I was thought tt this medicine is to stop my menses but now my menses start again 2 wk after even i m takin medicine everyday. Plz kindly advice y is it like tt. Thanks

jiahui said...

Hi Dr tay,
I took e medicine Sunolut without knowing that i am pregnant, only found out after finish taking the pills, will the pills harm my baby?i am so scare that it will harm my baby

Anonymous said...

Hi Dr Leslie,

As my aunt has been a diabetic patient for 20 years, she had to go through dialysis every other day. But in recent years, she had change from Hemodialysis to Peritoneal dialysis.

Last year, she began her life losing every toe by toe. And this very moment, half of her left leg is being amputated. will this continue on or come to a halt and live to the fullest till shez 50? 60? 70? (she's 41).

Sarah said...

Hi Dr Leslie,

I have missed my period for a few days but would like to find out if there is any medication to make my period come soon?

But I am afraid that I might be pregnant which I hope I am not.

Please advise. Thank you.

Jean said...

Hi, my baby is 3mths nw & is due for his 2nd 6in1 jab. how much wld it cost to take the jab together with the pneumococcal & rotavirus vaccines? can these 3 be done together on the same day?

Unknown said...

Hi Doctor,

My baby girl is 10mth and i have made full payment for her 2nd round Hep B (total of 3 jabs) and Package C. Can she does 6 in 1 at 15mth instead of 5 in 1 and additional Hep B jab #3?

If it's possible to do 6in1 how much is the different i need to pay?

Joleen Dragon said...

Really enjoyed yr blog!!! Saw u on TV many moons ago n was really interesting to watch a doc taking so much of his time to go ard the island trying out all type of food,shoot it n post them to share wth everyone!!
Was researching abt asthma in young children n then stumbled upon yr blog wth all yr kind advices and informations!!Then realised u were the doc whom I saw on TV!!! Anyway, thks for sharing all yr medical knowledge n also yr passion in food!!!
Kudos to u,DR Tay!!!!!

Poh Choo said...

Hi Dr Tay,

I have brought my son (Elisha Tan Shuen Yi) to see you before. He is 4.5 months old now.
I would like him to have the Pneumococcal jab. When is the right time to bring him over to your clinic?

He had his recent immunisation in the polyclinic:
- 5-in-1 (19 Nov 2011)
And will be scheduled for the next 6-in-1 jab on the (17 Jan 2012)

Thank you!
Poh Choo

Dr Leslie said...

Hi Poh Choo, you can bring him in anytime. The pneumococcal jab needs to be given at 4,5 and 1 year of age. The earlier you do it the better.

Unknown said...

Hi doctor tay, do you do ear piercing for baby?

Dr Leslie said...

Yes, we do!