Monday, September 17, 2007

Immunization Packages

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Our Pneumococcal Packages work out to be $135 nett per injection and can be purchased through the Baby Bonus.


Anonymous said...

I read that anti-perspirants can lead to many health problems like cancer. Would like to ask, what is your take on that?

Dr Leslie said...

Perhaps you can provide the link to the article says this?

Anonymous said...

Hi Doc,
My baby is due next month and wondering what's the difference of bringing her to a PD or a GP like yourself for immunization. Does the drug/vaccines differ in terms of quality? Also, is it true that 6in1 jab is not as acceptable by parents as to 5in1 since it's a later intro? I think parents fear that their bbs are taken as guineas. Looking at your immunization package, is it true that if I choose either package A or B will cover all the vaccines required + Package C? Thanks!

Dr Leslie said...

I would be happy to answer the question through email. You can write to me on

ecym said...

Hi Dr Tay,

My baby girl on 30th June. She had her BCG and Hep B 1st dose given at birth. Would like to check with you if your clinic provides the childhood immunisation? My baby girl is due for Hep B booster on 2nd Aug.

Hope to hear from you soon.