Monday, September 17, 2007

Health Screening Packages: No Later! Later!

By now everyone should be familiar with the Health Promotion Board's ad campaign where the man keeps saying "Later! Later!". The take home message being that when it comes to your Health, you should be more diligent and not leave it till later.

Just as your car needs regular maintenance, you also need regular check ups especially as you get older. Chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol can creep up on you without your knowing and early prevention can save you from developing diseases like heart attack and strokes later in life.

In my opinion, health screening is best done in consultation with your GP who can tailor the package to your needs. Doing a "blanket" screening with everything thrown in is not helpful. For example, if you are a young and relatively fit individual, all you need may be to have your blood pressure and cholesterol checked. Doing a Lung Spirometry test if there is no breathing difficulty or history of asthma is really not necessary. Whereas if you are older and have a history of hypertension, diabetes and a family history of heart attacks, then an Excercise Stress Test may be what you require. So the bottomline is this: Work with your GP to tailor a Health Screening Package to your needs!

Our clinic offers different health screening packages depending on your needs. These are basic packages from which we can add on different other tests if required. Do drop in if you have any questions regarding your need for a health checkup.

Remember, don't leave it till "Later! Later!"

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