Monday, April 06, 2009

Woman dies from eating Rojak at Geylang Serai Temporary Market

In case you still haven't heard, it has been reported that a woman had died from eating rojak at Geylang Serai Temporary Market.

At the point in time, MOH/NEA has not informed us of the cause of death, but it does appear that only one stall was responsible for the outbreak and that is the Indian Rojak stall no. 320.

What I think might have happened is that somehow the rojak was contaminated by some bacteria and because the rojak is prepared beforehand and left to sit in the display cabinate for a length of time, the bacteria has time to grow and produce its toxins.

The lesson to be learnt here is to be careful when eating food that have been lying around for a long time. The safest food to eat are those which have been freshly prepared.

If you have recently eaten at the Indian Rojak Stall in Geylang Serai and are experiencing diarrhoea, vomiting or stomach cramps, please consult your family doctor immediately.

The story can be read here.

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