Sunday, April 05, 2009

The 938live Body and Soul Interview

In case you did not catch it on 938live, here are the podcasts of the interview I did with Daniel Martin last week on Body and Soul.


Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Tay,

I'd my 13 months old son vaccinated against Chicken Pox on the 09Apr09. But a day later, we found out that a family member developed Chicken Pox. Will he still get infacted? Could the vaccine still help?

A worrying mother.

Dr Leslie said...

Well, you can still get some protection from chickenpox if you vaccinate your child within 72 hours of exposure. So you have a 70% chance that he will not develop chickenpox

Anonymous said...

after a dose of chickenpox vaccine, does a child need a booster? a pd urge us to go for a booster but a gp said there's no such thing as chicken pox booster.

Dr Leslie said...

Currently MOH has not started recommending the Chickenpox booster.

The US has already instituted the practise recently because the studies have shown that the booster confers a higher level of protection for the kids.

I would recommend a booster for the child to ensure a higher level of protection.