Friday, August 29, 2008

Adult Vaccination Schedule: Prevention is better than Cure!

One reader wrote to me asking for a table of Adult Vaccination for quick reference. There is currently no official Schedule from MOH so this table is a proposed schedule that I modified from an article by Dr Lam Mun San of Infection & Vaccination Consultants, Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre which was published in the Singapore Family Physician.

I think that as Adults we frequently miss vaccinations because of a few reasons:

1. We are not aware that we need them.
2. There is no legal requirement to do so unless you are going overseas or if you require them for your work.
3. Most people are scared of injections, so it is one thing to bring your child for vaccinations but when it comes to yourself, you cringe!

So hopefully, this post will deal with the issue of ignorance. And if you are scared of injections, maybe you should read my other post on "How to have a painless injection".

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What else would you like to know?

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