Sunday, June 29, 2008

Interviewed in Shape Magazine

Ever had burning questions you always wanted to ask you Doctor? Questions like how come Doctors can be fat? Or why is the clinic closed in the afternoon?

I was asked these series of questions and you can read some of my answers in the magazine article.

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Anonymous said...

I've had really bad experiences at polyclinics, where the MOs dismissed my complaints of back pain just from asking a few questions and without listening to my explanation. I felt as if I was some weakling who couldn't handle a bit of pain.

In the end, when I finally saw a specialist, he saw a small stress fracture in my spine from the X-Ray I brought along that was taken at said polyclinic.

Granted, MOs aren't specialists, and people do make mistakes. But there wasn't any need to treat me so dismissively.

Anonymous said...

I guess many of us have had similar run-ins with people of the medical profession who could have been more professional as well as compassionate.

Like Anonymous, a doctor that I went to in one of the hospitals dismissed my knee injury as just a muscle strain and I was only given painkillers to deal with it. Over the next few months, my knee kept giving way and each time, I had to suffer from the pain which was quite excruciating. In the end, my knee became locked and was stuck in a position where I couldn't even straighten it out. Thereafter, another doctor told me that I've torn my ligament and because of the previous bucklings, it had worsen the condition of my injury.

Given such a situation where the patient has to deal with the unknown anxiety and doubt, it is the responsibility of the doctors and other allied health professionals to use their knowledge and tackle the problem thoroughly.

I think the standard of Singapore's medical and health profession still has much room for improvement.