Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My Interview with Straits Times on Home First Aid Kits

I was asked to comment about the necessity of having a well stocked First Aid Kit at home. I hope the article will be useful for you when you set up your own First Aid Kit.


jO@nNe said...

Hi Dr Leslie Tay,

I enjoy receiving ur newsletters and it really helps to be educated with some simple medical knowledge esp when i have a young baby.

May i know wat is the risk or effect of consuming after expiry date medicine or using eye ointment after more than 1 month of opening?

Being in canada for the past year, reading ur food blog helps me feel connected to home...

I was ur patient b4 i left sin...when i'm back, could i bring my 1 yr old to ur clinic for his scheduled vaccination even though he is not born in sin?

Dr Leslie said...

Hi, there are many medications in the market and the effect of expired medications vary. So it is hard to tell you what would happen. As far as possible, only administer medicines which have not expired.

You are most welcome to bring your child in for his vaccinations. When will you be back?