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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Cervical Awareness Month: Protect your daughter against Cervical Cancer

It's Cervical awareness month again. So here is a timely reminder for all parents that you can protect your daughter against Cervical Cancer by giving her a vaccine when she reaches 9 years of age.

The vaccine is actually already in the National Immunization program for girls from 9 to 26 years of age. So you can withdraw $300 from Medisave to pay for the vaccine if you wish. The price for the Medisave Package is $420

If you are able to pay by cash or nets, we are giving you a further discount and the package is $390 nett. This special price is valid while the current stocks of vaccines last.

Medisave price is $420


Anonymous said...

Hi, by the cash package of $390, do you mean that we are unable to withdraw $300 from our Medisave? Or is it like 300-Medisave, 90-cash/nets?

ieat said...

$390 is strictly by cash only.

If you wish to use Medisave, the price is $420. ie $300 via Medisave and $120 by cash.

alexischeong said...

Hi Dr. Tay! Just want to know if the price is for Gardasil or Cevarix? Also, do you still have stock for the vaccines if I were to visit this weekend? Lastly.. should I make an appointment for it or will walk-in suffice?

Thank you in advance for your reply!

ieat said...

We stock Cervarix at our clinic. It is more effective for the prevention of cervical cancer. Gardarsil is less effective but provides protection against genital warts

Jess said...

Hi Dr, just wondering is the promotion for medi-save is still on? If yes, I would like to schedule an appointment. TIA

ieat said...

Yes it is!

Anonymous said...

Just curious to know why only females over 26 cant take the medication. Does it have no effect over a certain age?