Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Common Bicycle Accident in Kids: Parents please be careful!

Common Bicycle injury in kids

I just saw another case of this type of bicycle accident where the child is riding in front of the bicycle and inadvertently got his leg trapped in the spokes of the spinning wheel.

May I remind parents to be extra vigilant when you have kids riding in front of the bicycle.  Here are some things you might want to do:

1.  Make sure the child wears proper shoes and socks.  This child was wearing a pair of slippers only.  If he had a proper pair of shoes and thick socks, the injury would not have been so bad.

2.  Please make sure you have one of those bicycle seats where the child can place his legs inside the plastic foot rests.  Make sure that the seat is big enough such that the child can stretch his legs past the seat into the spokes of the wheel.

3.  Seating the child at the back of the bicycle is better than in front as it lessens the chance of the leg getting caught in the spokes of the wheels.

4.  Always remind the child that riding a bicycle is potentially dangerous and he must sit still and not play around while the bicycle is in motion.

5.  Not many people do this in Singapore, but it is always safer if you can wear a helmet.  In Australia, this is compulsory.  I have come across one case where the child fell from a bicycle and hit her head against the drain.  She subsequently had to have an emergency surgery to evacuate a blood clot in the head.

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