Monday, June 21, 2010

Power over Cervical Cancer: Special Package Price

In Singapore, one case of cervical cancer is diagnosed every two days and claims the life of more than one woman every 5 days.  Yet there is still very little awareness that you can reduce the chance of getting this cancer significantly by vaccination.

This vaccination is recommended for young women from 12 years of age onwards and is in fact part of the immunization program in US and UK. As part of the campaign to increase awareness of Cervical Cancer prevention, a new website has been launched where you can find out more about Cervical Cancer and also do a online evaluation to see your risk of getting cervical cancer.   Do have a look at it to learn more about how to prevent this disease.

In support of this awareness campaign, our clinic is offering a very special package of three vaccinations for $320 which is $100 off our normal package price.  This package is only valid till 22 July 2010 and packages have to be fully paid by cash or nets.

For more information on Cervical Cancer, please visit:


Anonymous said...


Can I use medisave to pay for this vaccination?

Thank you!

Dr Leslie said...

Yes you can use medisave for our Cerverix packages