Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Anti Aging: Red Bull? Try some Testosterone instead!

Men, as you get older, are you feeling that you are always tired and that your body isn't performing as well as it was when you were twenty one? Well, one of the things that happen as you age is that your testosterone levels drop and that might be the cause of your problem.

Dr Suren specializes in this area and we are starting Anti Aging Clinics where we can help you maintain vitality as you age. Of course we will also be looking at menopausal issues and helping women age gracefully, but for today, we will talk about men first.

Below is an article by Dr Suren on what happens when men age.

Testosterone: It is not just about SEX

Testosterone is the main sex hormone produced by the testes. Testosterone together with it's derivatives, estradiol(E2) and dihydro testosterone (DHT) act directly on diverse target organs such as the sex organs, bones, muscles, blood-forming tissue, the brain,skin and hair. Thus, testosterone has a vital role in proper function of multiple systems in our body.

As men age, the levels of testosterone will fall. At age 70 the testosterone level is only 30% of the peak at age 25. Late onset hypogonadism, also known as andropause usually starts after age 40. It is characterized by symptoms such as fatigue, lack of energy, low mood. There can be loss of muscles, increase of fats especially in the abdomen, decreased exercise capacity and endurance. Of course there can be loss of sexual interest and erection difficulties.

Andropause is now recognized as a serious health problem. The good news is that we are able to treat it and reverse many of the above problems.

Prevalence of hypogonadism ( Low levels of testosterone)

The prevalence of andropause is from 6 to 13% in those aged between 40 – 69 years old. Prevalence increases with age. (1)

Testosterone deficiency is associated with Diabetes

Testosterone deficiency plays a central role in the cause of Type 2 diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Insulin Resistance. It contributes to the accumulation of abdominal fat. This abdominal fat is an active endocrine organ producing chemicals (cytokines) that cause inflammation such as causing abnormal lining of the blood vessels. Testosterone treatment of hypo gonadal men improves diabetes.(2)

Testosterone restoration improves muscle strength

Replacement of testosterone increased fat-free mass, muscle size and strength in hypo gonadal men. (3) Oral testosterone treatment in diabetic men with deficiency improves body composition, decrease abdominal fat, improves glucose homeostasis and improves erectile dysfunction. (4)

Optimal testosterone levels associated with better cognitive function

One study showed that older men with high testosterone and low estrogen level performed better in several tests of cognitive function. (5)

Low testosterone is associated with poor cholesterol and potential risk to heart health

Low testosterone is associate with high total and bad (LDL) cholesterol. The lining of the blood vessels are also slightly damaged, making it prone to accumulate fatty plaques. Also due to the association with obesity and poor glucose control, low testosterone can affect the heart health.(6)

Should you have testosterone restoration?

There is convincing evidence of the benefits of testosterone replacement. Before starting we recommend that you speak to us, so that we can ascertain that you do indeed have andropause. We will then do a blood test of your hormones for confirmation.

Are there any risks of restoration?

Some researchers have warned that restoration can be a risk of aggravating prostate cancer. As we become more familiar with testosterone replacement we belief the risk of prostate cancer is very low. There is no scientific evidence that testosterone supplement increased the risk of prostate cancer.(7) Nevertheless we will still do a blood test before and after treatment to make sure that we do not put the patient at any risk.

Testosterone restoration can also increase the red blood cell count. This is easily detected and effectively treated without any risk to the patient.

What do I do now, if I want to check for andropause?

Dr Suren Baskaran now conducts special clinics for this condition. If you wish to check for andropause, just call us for an appointment.


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Anonymous said...

I do feel that any man that is feeling the signs of andropause, should definitely see a doctor and get help. Although with age, a decline in testosterone levels will occur in virtually all men, there is no way of predicting who will experience andropause symptoms of sufficient severity to seek medical help. Neither is it predictable at what age symptoms will occur in a particular individual. Each man’s symptoms may be also different.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy has been shown to be a very safe and effective treatment for men who have been diagnosed with andropause. Once started, the medication should begin to reverse the signs and symptoms of andropause relatively quickly. However, just as andropause tends to have a slow and subtle onset, to the point where you may not even notice it’s happening until it’s a full blown problem, the reversal of andropause with TRT will also be slow and subtle.

Hannah said...

So what's bad about taking Red Bull? (Just wondering, since your article title mentioned the drink)

Dr Leslie said...

Well, I just said red bull because everyone knows what it is. In small quantities no problem.

SQL said...

I am 55 and is very active in sport on a daily basis. Lately, I noticed I am slowing down and takes a longer time to recover from ache and pain. Will TRT helps to maintain a better sport performance? How much would a booster cost per month approximately?