Monday, November 09, 2009

H1N1 Vaccines: Single Dose vs 10 Dose Vials

We have many inquiries about the H1N1 vaccine and it is understandable that everyone is quite anxious about taking the vaccination as early as possible especially since the school holidays are just around the corner.

Currently, the only ones that are available in the market are the 10 dose vials. The single dose vaccines will only be available later in the month. Our clinic does not stock the 10 dose vials because I feel that it is better to wait for the single dose vaccines.

The main difference between the 10 dose vials and the single dose vaccine is that the 10 dose vials contain Thimerosal which is a substance containing mercury. The US FDA assures us that it is safe to use but I know that there are many people who will not want to take the vaccine if it contains mercury. So I have decided not to order the 10 dose vials and wait for the single dose vaccines to become available.

If you really need the H1N1 vaccine urgently, please go to the polyclinic and have your vaccination. But if you can wait for another 2 weeks or so, the single dose vaccines should be available. If you have already booked your vaccines with us and wish to cancel, just give us a call to cancel your order.


Sophia said...

Dr Tay,

How many weeks before my departure do I need to go for the H1N1 jab for it to be effective?

Winnie said...

I understand from my GP that the H1N1 vaccines are from the govt, and there is only one type of H1N1 vaccines. So does it mean there is actually 2 types of H1N1 vaccines?

Dr Leslie said...

There is the one where one vial contains 10 doses. This one contains mercury.

The individual dose type does not contain mercury. This is the one we stock.