Thursday, May 28, 2009

The H1N1 Flu is here but don't need to Panic!

Several patients have walked into the clinic this morning asking about the implications of the H1N1 flu in Singapore.

At this point in time, do not panic. This H1N1 strain does not seem to be deadly and the three people are doing well. In terms of severity, it is like the normal seasonal flu that we experience year round.

So just go about your normal life, keep a good level of hygiene, eat plenty of fruits like Kiwifruit, oranges and papaya which are high in Vitamin C to keep your body's immune system in good shape.

Of course if you just came back from US, Mexico or other affected countries and you are experiencing flu symptoms of high fever, cough, runny nose and sorethroat then seek medical advise immediately.


oceanic said...

Hi Dr Tay,

Is it necessary for adult & kids to go for flu vaccine for travel? Will flu medicine be good enough?

Dr Leslie said...

It is not necessary but it is advisable.

It is better to not get the flu, rather than get the flu then try to take medicine to counter the effects. As they say "prevention is better than cure"

Anonymous said...


is there still flu shots available in Karri Family Clinic?

Dr Leslie said...

Yes there is.