Friday, May 15, 2009

The Flu Shot: New Stocks have just arrived

Our stock of the latest season Flu vaccines have just arrived! If you are planning to take your flu jabs, please call us to reserve yours because stocks are limited.


valencia said...

Hi Dr Tay,

speaking about vaccinations. Is it necessary to bring my 6 month old baby to a PAED to her vaccination and immunisation? Can a GP do that as well.
How about her 6 month and 9 month assessment? Can the GP do all those assessment as well.

NB: My baby has no known medical problem

Hannah said...

Is it true we shouldn't get flu jabs when we are physically unwell? I was turned away twice by a GP when I went to get flu jabs (she said I shouldn't get the jabs when my immune system is weak - I had low-grade fever with sinusitis both times when I saw her).


Dr Leslie said...

Yes you should not take the jab when you are having a fever.

Dr Leslie said...

Any GP would be able to do vaccinations in babies without medical problems. In fact, at the polyclinic, the vaccinations are done by the nurses.