Thursday, October 02, 2008

More products found to be tainted with Melamine

The AVA has just added 7 more products that have been found to contain unaccepted levels of melamine. Please take note that these are not necessarily products that you would associate with milk. Things like corn snacks may also use whole milk powder in the manufacturing process. The AVA assures us that one has to take quite a large amount eg a 30kg child needs to take 50 packs of Mallow Dippers before it gets to toxic levels.

It is still best to avoid any China made food products until this whole thing is over.

More information can be found here

Link to my previous post, Melamine Poisoning - What Parents should know

Sshmallows Mallow Dippers Strawberry Flavour

Dutch Lady Banana Flavoured Milk

Dutch Lady Honeydew flavoured milk

House of Steamed Pototo - Potato Cracker

House of Steamed Potato - Potato and Tomato Cracker

Corn Snacks - Butter Corn Flavour

Corn Snacks - Cheese Flavour

Photos from AVA website

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