Monday, April 07, 2008

Update on Dengue Fever

You have probably read in the news today an article about Dengue and also about the outbreak in Brazil. The article is actually talking about how we can be expecting an outbreak in around 3 years' time and how the government is preparing for it. So it is not a cause for panic although we should be still diligent about making sure that we do not allow mosquitoes to breed and also to be on a constant lookout for the symptoms that are consistent with Dengue.

According to NEA's dengue website, the number of cases we are seeing this year is around the same as this time last year and there is certainly no peak in the number of cases. In our clinic, we have not had any confirmed cases of Dengue recently.

There is also some good news ahead. The Straits Times reports that there will be a quick Dengue Test kit available to GP clinics in June. That will mean that it will be easier to detect Dengue earlier. Currently the available test kits can only detect Dengue after day 5 of the illness. The ability to detect Dengue fever earlier will mean that the NEA will be able to control the mosquito breeding grounds earlier to stem the spread of the illness.

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