Thursday, December 07, 2006

For Men: Dr, how come my b---s shrink when I go swimming?

One of my patients asked me this question today!

I told him that I wanted to blog the answer and asked for his permission to take a photo of the organ in question. He declined of course. I quipped that it was because he was afraid someone might recognize him just by looking at that part of the body which got his wife laughing uncontrollably AT him. Trust is such a important quality in a husband and wife relationship, don't you agree?

The function of the male testicles are to produce sperms. It so happens that they function best at a temperature just cooler then normal body temperature. So during a hot day, the scrotal muscles relax so that the testicles will dangle further away from the body and when it is cold, the scrotal muscles contract to keep the testicles warm.

Here are some things you should not do if you wish to father a child:

1. Avoid Spas!! Soaking a long time in Spas with water temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius might be really relaxing BUT it may lower your sperm count!

2. Avoid long bicycle rides while wearing tight bicycle shorts! The tight shorts and the bicycle seat keep the testicles closed to the body and may compromise sperm production.

3. Avoid long hours sitting on your chair or car! You should get up and let them dangle every now and again!

4. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol as they may affect the sperm count!

An Interesting Postulation

It is a fact that sperm production decreases in hotter climates. So could it be that our low fertility rates are due to the fact that Singapore is hot and most of our guys work long hours sitting in their offices?

While you are thinking about this, I think I will just get out of my chair and go for a quick stroll!

For more information on how to optimise your fertility rate (for men) please have a look at this interesting article from MayoClinic. Click here.

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Anonymous said...

OMG. Who would allow u to take picture of their private part? Anyway u never fail to amaze me!