Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Latest Pneumoccocal Vaccine: Prevenar 13, now available at Karri Family Clinic

The latest Pneumoccocal vaccine, Prevenar 13 is now available at Karri Family Clinic.  Prevenar 13 is an updated version of Prevenar and includes a wider coverage and thus better protection for your babies.

You can now withdraw $300 from your Medisave account to pay for your Pneumococcal Vaccines at our clinic.  The package for 3 jabs is $450, nett.  We offer a further discount for those who are paying by cash or baby bonus.  The Babybonus/cash package for 3 jabs is $405, nett.  Individual jabs are $140 nett, payable by cash or Babybonus.

Parents with kids below 5 who have completed the course of Prevenar can opt to take one jab of the new Prevenar 13 to broaden the coverage for their kids.